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Becoming a lorry driver is a big decision

Had enough of the 9-5 monotonous routine? This is a career that will stretch you to your full potential. Constantly changing challenges, excellent financial rewards, and a great feeling of self-worth are some of the things HGV / LGV drivers get from their jobs. Many people find it’s a difficult decision to enter into a LGV driving career, as it does requires time and a significant financial commitment, but the rewards can be great.

An Industry that's on the up

In this tough economic climate where jobs are being cut and realigned from every industry, The requirement for HGV / LGV drivers has nationally increased. Nationwide announced it had discovered there was a shortage of up to 40,000 qualified drivers in the UK alone, and possibly even more in other areas of the world. It’s one of the only industries in the world where more certified and experienced drivers are needed.

Newly qualified drivers don't have any problems finding work in this industry, even if the initial period of employment comes via agency work, which helps you towards putting a great looking CV together for potential employers demonstrating your ability to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Becoming a professional driver brings rewards both financial and personal. This is a career worth your time and effort.

Excellent rates of pay

Due to the fact companies are crying out for qualified drivers, they’re prepared to pay handsomely. By simply finding a job the starting salary is approximately £24,000 per annum plus. This is a very rare occurrence for a new employee stepping into a new career role. Such a well paid trade which requires qualified drivers is certainly worth consideration, and if you apply yourself its within most peoples grasp.

Constantly changing challenges

There’s always room improvement as a professional lorry driver. After you've mastered the constant changing challenges posed by different terrain, changing parts of the country, and dealing with different companies, personally there’s so much more to do. Continuing to hone your skills enables you to carry fragile loads, which demand an even bigger salary. Constantly on-edge, this is no industry for those who enjoy the monotony of a sedentary office job.

Lets not beat about the bush

Your here because you see the potential benefits of becoming an LGV Driver and are close to making a decision that will change the rest of your working life, were here to help you achieve that goal, contact us now so we can get you started.

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Want to become a lorry driver?
You need LGV theory training that’ll work as hard as you.

New career
Becoming a lorry driver is a great career choice if you like freedom, meeting people, and responsibility. Driving Theory 4 All’s LGV theory test revision package is for any driver wanting to gain a Category C1, C1+E, C, or C+E licence.

Closest you'll get to the real LGV theory test
Driving Theory 4 All is an online revision tool for the LGV theory test (Driver CPC part 1). You can instantly start learning and you’ll always get the latest official DVSA LGV theory test practice questions and hazard perception test clips. You can���t say that about a book.

More than just tests
We don’t just help you learn with LGV mock tests. The Driving Theory 4 All learning zone is jam-packed with lots of helpful and interactive learning features that’ll make revising for the lorry theory test much easier.

Learn on the go
Making time to practice is no longer a worry for you because we’ve introduced LGV theory test companion apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. And, unlike many lorry theory test apps, you can use our apps offline, so you can revise where you want it, when you want it.

LGV Theory Test | Driving Theory 4 All

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